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Lacie - Creative Pro collaboration

Proud to be featured in this collaboration as a "Creative Pro" with LaCie.

THANK YOU to Joanne Chan, Joe Mastrino , Andrew Block, Robert Patrick Stern, Zabrina Deng and many others for putting the time and energy into the video!!


It's a privilege to be doing this work and it's with great responsibility that I shall progress and find a way to get my next projects done.

"Preserving our stories is the same as preserving our data -I need that peace of mind!"

THANK YOU, to Mr. Hiram Kwan for making an appearance in the video with me!!

My dad would be so proud to see how far I've come -it would have been his 82nd birthday today.. Let us never forget the people who have sacrificed and put solid effort into giving us a chance at life.

#HappyLunarNewYear #AsianAmerican #Documentary #preservinghistory #preservingdata

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